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La Casita

The space we call home. A collective of our shared ideas, visions and accomplishments. Travel on our journey through the coffee fields of member owners to our cafés and beyond. This is where we can share our joys, our struggles, our ideas and passion for what we do each and everyday working for coffee farmers.

New Look. Same Mission.

At Pachamama Coffee, we work for coffee farmers. For over 20 years, we have been in the pursuit of doing better business in better ways to create a sustainable and...



Video: Coffee's Journey From Ethiopia to You

By Emmeline Wilson

Pachamama's video documenting the path of a coffee bean grown in Ethiopia and consumed in Europe.  

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Cooperative Ethiopia Trip to Origin

Video: Tadesse Meskela Discusses the Value of Farmer Ownership

By Emmeline Wilson

Thanks to Olaf Hammelburg of Connecting Worlds for his fine work in Ethiopia, documenting the production of organic coffee at Oromia Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union...

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