Coffee Recipe - Espresso Tonic with Mint

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This month we were excited to introduced a new signature beverage – Espresso Tonic with Mint – to our cafes. We’ve heard nothing but great reviews, so we though “Why not share it with our subscribers so you can make it at home during these hot summer days?” Well, here you go!

The recipe was created by Cruz Conrad.  In this post he shares his description of the drink, and how you can prepare it for yourself at home.

Description: This is a carbonated espresso based drink with the carefully balanced levels of acidity, sweetness, and flavor. We use the highest grade tonic is Fever Tree and we accentuate the sweetness with our La Flor de Africa espresso blend, which brings notes of citrus and other fruity flavors. We combine those flavors and textures and top it off with mint, fresh picked from plants in the cafe. This last step completes the drink with added refreshment, aroma and really pulls this creamy carbonated drink together.

      • Fever Tree Tonic Water
      • La Flor espresso
      • Fresh mint leaves
      • Ice
Steps: 1. Get a 16oz cup (chilled preferred) and fill all the way to the top with ice. 2. Pull 2 shots of La Flor de Africa and while the espresso is filling the shot glasses, open the fresh tonic bottle and pour slowly into the cup – do this slowly  to save as many of those fine bubbles as possible. 3. Once the shots are done pulling, immediately pour the espresso over the tonic. It immediately infuses and creates this wonderful texture of foam that on the first sip is extraordinary. 4. Garnish with two fresh leaves of mint. 5. With the back end of a spoon stir the top layer lightly for added infusion. 6. Drink up and enjoy!

Espresso Tonic 



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