semillas del futuro

Reforesting one-of-a-kind microclimates, one tree at a time

Raise the Future of Coffee

It takes almost four years for a tree to mature to produce coffee cherries and 25 of those cherries to make one cup of coffee. Coffee farmers face an unprecedented challenge to protect and harden coffee shrubs for an uncertain climate future. By guarenteeing that 100% of the profits go to coffee farmers, we ensurse that the experts can make investments that safeguard the future of coffee.

Our Plant A Tree progam is one more way that consumers can lend financial support to their favorite farmers or cooperative.

the nursery

El Vivero

Each regional coopeartive cultivates coffee seeds in a nursery. At La Union Regional, over 300,000 coffee trees are planted and distrubuted to cooperative members each year.

Señora Panchita, harvests peppers intercropped between coffee shrubs (Huatusco, Mexico)

the farm

el campo

Coffee trees produce the best coffee cherries when they are planted in a robust shade canopy. At Pachamama Coffee, coffee never comes from a planation. Every tree is grown along side plants like mangos, bananas, and tomatoes. The farm isn't just a place to grow coffee, it's where farmers and their families cultivate their livelihood.

The Next generation

El Futuro Del Café

The cycle of coffee doesn't have to end with your cup. Planting coffee trees assures that coffee farmers have the resources they need to continue growing some of the best coffee in the world.

plant a coffee tree