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We believe the future of coffee puts farmers first

Building a better supply chain

We set out to do business differently, prioritizing people and the planet we all call home.

Our coffee comes directly from farmers who carefully grow their beans under shade canopy utilizing organic, indigenous farming practices. Pachamama is the only coffee roaster in the U.S 100% owned by farmers which means they reserve the best beans just for you.

Our mission is to deliver the highest quality organic coffee in the most direct way possible. Pachamama connects producers and consumers in new powerful ways by bringing together people on the ends of the supply chain to create an impact driven business model.

Founded in 2006

Powering a Movement

Pachamama Coffee was founded by radical visionaries in coffee communities around the world. They knew they could build a better future and better supply chain that benefitted coffee farmers and coffee drinkers alike. It was time to change the industry and take control of their own business: truly seed to cup.

Our Story

Honoring our namesake


In Incan mythology Pachamama is the "Earth Mother" embodied by the rugged mountains, misty clouds, and lush greenery. Pachamama presides over and provides abundance to those who live in harmony with the Earth's natural cycles.

To sustain the health of the soil, the Earth and the people within it for future generations, all our coffee is 100% certified organic and shade grown.

Merling Preza

Pachamama President and Co-Founder, GM Of Prodecoop

“Pachamama Coffee’s model is unique. First of all because the farmers are the owners of Pachamama Coffee. This not only generates wealth for our families and communities, but also provides dignity. We are the owners in the entire coffee chain, it is our product from our hands to the consumer”

Cooperative Ownership

Organizing for resilience

It all started when coffee farmers in Peru asked, “Why don't we roast our own coffee?” The commodity price for coffee was near historic lows and third generation coffee farms were going broke. Producing specialty coffee was not profitable for small farmers.

For decades, coffee farmers have collectively organized to better access the market and meet the needs of their communities. They thought why not take it a step further and work together around the world to roast and sell directly to consumers. Together the five sister cooperatives took a leap to form Pachamama Coffee Cooperative.

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“In order for a business model to be sustainable, there has to be benefits along the chain for everyone” -President, Merling Preza

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Not only can you order coffee directly to your door, you can visit us at five cafe locations centered in the California capital and the home of the farm to fork movement.

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We work for coffee farmers. Meet our team that works to roast, pack, market and brew our farmers very best, organic coffee.

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