Battle of the Brews Sacramento Cocktail Throwdown

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Returning for the first time, post-pandemic to celebrate Sacramento’s cocktail week and vibrant food and drink scene, the third annual Battle of the Brews was celebrated on June 7. 

Hosted by Camellia Coffee and Kodaiko, participants and onlookers filled the downstairs bar to watch as barista and bartender teamed up to battle it out to create the best boozy caffeinated concoction.

Pachamama’s Maksym Khaliziev was the reigning back to back champion in years past, combining his talents from behind the bar as both bartender and barista. You can read more about his wins here! Maks stepped aside this year to let Pachamama’s ‘Cooperative Cafe’ lead, Kenzie Coleman compete.

Sacramento Battle of the BrewsKenzie (they/she) partnered up with Adrian (he/him) from Kru Sacramento to create a drink they called “When We Were Kids.”

“This drink’s intention is to bring back those memories from summertime when we were kids. Those sunny days we would play by the pool, go to the lake with the family, play water guns with friends. This drink is a reminder of the youthful summer we once had, and can still have today. 

The cocktail will be highlighting the smokiness of the George Dickel bourbon whiskey aged 8 years and the Ethereal Blend from Camellia Coffee which has notes of blueberry and caramel. Sourcing ingredients from the Sacramento Food Co-Op, we have chosen to use homemade peach and blueberry syrup to bring out the lovely notes in the coffee while balancing out the sharpness of the bourbon. Using a Moroccan mint green tea and some Co-Op made Orange Juice. Enhanced with Club soda and a touch of fresh lemon.”

Bartender from Kru Restaurant in Sacramento pours shot of whiskey into glass Barista and Bartender pour final drinks for competition

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