Introducing the Olive Oil Latte

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First it was butter and now it’s olive oil?? Just when you thought the trend of adding random food items to coffee was over, the Olive Oil Latte trend took the internet by storm and yes we got suckered into it too.

olive oil latte

Introducing our newest seasonal menu item, our Olive Oil Latte hit the ground running at our five cafe locations around the greater Sacramento area. 

This drink has been described as smooth, nutty and indulgent. 

Our  handcrafted latte combines the richness of locally-sourced extra-virgin olive oil with the creamy texture of steamed milk and our velvety espresso. The nutty undertones of the olive oil blend perfectly with the espresso and milk creating an incredible mouthfeel. 

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Food Reporter Benjy Egel from the Sacramento Bee gave the Olive Oil Latte a try, read his thoughts here: Olive Oil and Coffee Do Mix

The Highest Quality Ingredients

We have always been committed to sourcing only the best high quality ingredients and sourcing olive oil was no exception. Meet Pasture 42 our supplier of olive oil for this specialty coffee drink. 

Located in the Capay Valley, Pasture 42 is a small-scale family farm dedicated to sustainable farming practices.

We met Susan and Ken, the farmer owners of Pasture 42 at the weekly farmers market in Davis, Ca where we both have stands on Saturday. Pasture 42 sells their pastured meats, eggs, olive oil, balsamic citrus and soaps. 



pasture 42 organic extra virgin olive oil Pasture 42 organic extra virgin olive oil


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