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Step into the holiday spirit with Pachamama’s Salted Maple Latte recipe. This drink was first featured inside of Pachamama’s five cafe locations across Northern California and has since been highly requested to return to the seasonal menu from our cafe customers. 

Now you too can enjoy this comforting concoction inside your own home. It is a perfect treat for guests if you’re doing the hosting or even a special twist to your morning cup any day of the week. 

We create this classic with none other than Maple Valley Cooperative’s organic maple syrup - some of the very best on the market! Read more about our relationship here.

Cruz Conrad, Chief of Retail and visionary behind Pachamama Cafes’ seasonal menu features says this about  coffee and maple pairing with Maple Valley Cooperative.

When you sip on our Maple Lattes, you’re experiencing a fusion of passion, quality, and a dedication to uplifting farmers globally. That’s what Pachamama and Maple Valley stand for – authentic, organic taste and real impact from the source to your cup.” - Cruz Conrad

Ingredients Salted maple latte


Step 1

Pull one or two shots of espresso based on your preference. We like to use our Single Origin Peru or Five Sisters on espresso. These both deliver a perfectly balanced, chocolatey smooth shot.

  • If you don’t have an espresso machine, no problem. Check out our simple at home espresso hack from Roaster Kyla Whitley using an Aeropress brewer. 
  • Or substitute a shot of espresso with a classic cup of coffee 

Step 2: 

Pour 1 oz of Maple Syrup (or more if you like yours on the extra sweet side!)  into your mug of choice, add in a sprinkle of sea salt directly to the maple syrup and pour in the espresso shot over the top. 

Step 3:

Steam or froth your milk of choice. Pour over your espresso mixture and enjoy!

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