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Coffee and Maple. Well, the two are not per se a classic flavor combo, but boy, what a pairing. And by that we mean both, the flavors and the companies. We first introduced Maple Valley’s superb syrup into our seasonal menu rotation in 2021 via the Maple Cream Cold Brew, the GingerBread Latte and the Maple Brulee Latte (oh yes, we torch it!). 

Maple Brown Sugar Cold BrewBarista Pouring Maple SyrupMaple Brulee Latte. Barista tourching top of latte

The response from our community was enthusiastic and overwhelmingly positive. The Seasonal Menu features with the maple sweetness quickly became our top sellers and continued to do so week after week. We therefore decided to solidify Maple Valley’s position in all Pachamama Cafés with the Maple Latte on the permanent menu for 2023. 

Maple Valley’s Certified Organic syrup has a robust and earthy sweetness that brings out the best in coffee without being overwhelming. When it comes to maple syrup, it’s likely the best of its kind. It’s not just plain sugary, but delivers a sweetness one can almost feel - it reminds us of Sunday morning pancakes, the Holidays and roasted pecans. At Pachamama, we pair it with espresso shots, our cold brew base and your milk of choice, and as always, brew it to perfection. 

Cruz Conrad, our Chief Retail Officer and lead barista trainer, is the creative mind behind all of our seasonal and permanent menu options. He takes inspiration from a variety of angles, from seasonal local ingredients to trendy cocktail bars, and always encourages his team of baristas to submit new ideas.  Each new coffee drink goes through many iterations to ensure its flavor and texture are just right. Not many ingredients make it past his strict requirements of flavor, quality and alignment with our values. After deep and careful research into maple syrups, he chose fellow cooperative Maple Valley Cooperative as a partner. 

“I’m so excited that our Maple Lattes feature the Dark and Robust organic syrup from Maple Valley Cooperative. Just like us, they are a cooperative that is owned by smallholder farmers and employees who unite in their commitment to sustainable, regenerative and organic production. When you sip on our Maple or Gingerbread Brûlée Lattes, with the Maple that is complimented with a carefully, hand-torched caramelized Turbinado topping, you’re not just enjoying a beverage. You’re experiencing a fusion of passion, quality, and a dedication to uplifting farmers globally. That’s what Pachamama and Maple Valley stand for – authentic, organic taste and real impact from the source to your cup.” - Cruz Conrad

About Maple Valley - Dedication and Quality

Maple Valley Cooperative has more than 30 smallholder farmer members tapping trees in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York and Vermont. Many of these family farmers have passed along their craft of maple sugaring for multiple generations. 

Maple Valley farmers are stewards of the land and guardians of the trees. Each farmer who joins the cooperative must engage in mindful and sustainable farming methods. This ensures that the environment stays intact, that the habitat is diverse and abundant with wildlife and that the soil does not erode.

Maple Producer Taps tree in the winter with his corgi dog by sideSyrup pouring over wafflesMaple producer stands next to maple trees

By only minimally tapping the maple trees they stay healthy and can produce for up to 200 years. When forests like this are kept intact and preserved they also ensure that proper carbon sequestration systems remain. In return for their dedication to quality and stewardship, members of the  co-op receive a living wage.

As a fellow cooperative, we celebrate the impact that cooperatives have by building resilient communities, creating economic empowerment and committing long term to the environment for a shared collective future and a healthy Pacha Mama, our Mother Earth.

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