How to Make An At-Home Cappuccino

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If you’re like us, nothing beats a cappuccino in the morning but if you don’t have an espresso machine in your home we’ll walk you step by step how to hack the recipe. Roaster and barista Kyla Whitley shared with us their at-home recipe for the days they aren’t brewing it up in the cafe. 

What you’ll need:

First, you’ll need to start heating up your water to 205 degrees. Weigh and grind your coffee. Kyla uses a Baratza Encore grinder on the finest possible setting. 

Set up your aeropress, Kyla uses a fine filter disc but if you are using paper filters, pre-wet the filter. 

Set your aeropress to 2.5 shot depth and invert. Completely cover the coffee  grounds with  water and stir to ensure all grounds are saturated. Let the coffee “bloom” for at least 20 seconds. 

Pour water to the top of the aeropress and stir again. Cover and let sit for another 30 seconds. Flip and press into a cup.

For at home milk prep, use a small pitcher and electric hand whisk. Hold the pitcher over a low stovetop heat and incorporate micro foam as milk slowly heats. This process is rather slow but makes for a super silky texture and is definitely a special treat. Once the  milk is about 140 degrees take it off the heat, give it a swirl, and pour over the aeropress shot. 

Kyla notes they usually split this recipe to make two ‘caps’ because sharing is caring. ☺️

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