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The story of Pachamama and its success began to take shape as we planted our feet back in the United States after years of work at origin. We settled in on no other place than the Farm to Fork Capital of Sacramento, California. It's the place where the years of conceptual work of how Pachamama Coffee would operate really met the physical space. Sacramento is home to our first roasting operations, first café and even our first coffee was sold here. Building Pachamama’s presence here was not a hard decision to make. As the Farm to Fork Capital, this region celebrates the importance of sourcing directly from farmers to ensure a just and equitable food system making our supply chain and business model a natural fit.

Sacramento California

The Sactown Blend is an ode to all our customers, supporters and the vibrant coffee town that is Sacramento. We were welcomed with open arms into this community and it has been a blessing to see this town and this blossoming coffee scene grow. Today, we have five cafés across the region serving up our farmers’ very best organic coffee.




Green coffee going into coffee roaster

 Meet the Sactown Blend

Roaster Kyla Whitley sat down to talk about the new blend and what makes it so special. 

 “This blend is great for the holidays and sharing with loved ones. Warm, sweet, and strong: like a good hug! It is extremely approachable so whether you are a coffee snob or just a casual drinker you’ll find the perfect cup with it.

We started building this blend with a base of our crop from Huatusco, Mexico, which has been absolutely outstanding this year. The Mexico brings a sweetness to the cup that we balanced out with the luscious taste of chocolate from Guatemala crop and the deep fruit notes that rise in the Natural Process Ethiopia Sidama. To finish it off and round out the blend we added the earthy body from the cup of Ethiopia Yirgacheffe

Sactown is a balanced cup with a strong body and sweet finish; not too light for dark roast lovers and not too dark for our light roast crowd."

coffee hario v60 pour over

How to Brew

The beauty of this blend is that it was made to shine no matter how you choose to brew! Kyla recommends a classic pour over. Follow along with our Brew Guide to make the perfect pour over every time.

If you have a home espresso machine, this blend is perfect to bring forward a well balanced fruity and chocolate espresso shot that you’ll die for every morning. Try it out and let us know what you think.

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