Pachamama To Host "SPLAT" Latte Art Throwdown

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On Thursday, August 30th, Pachamama Coffee will proudly host a SPLAT Latte Art Throwdown, the first in a season of competitions and events sponsored by the independent organization. With sign-ups beginning at 6pm on the evening of the throwdown, the competition is open to all interested participants, and competitors from coffee shops from the Bay Area to Reno are expected to attend. We will host the competition at our Midtown Coffeebar and providing all of the necessary equipment, inputs, and staffing, as well as pizza, kombucha, and Nitro Cold Brew floats for participants and guests. Our Midtown Coffeebar is located at 919 20th Street.

SPLAT, (which stands for Sacramento Public Latte Art Tournament), began in the summer of 2014 with the twofold intention of celebrating the coffee culture of Sacramento, as well as creating an inviting community centered around friendly competition, love of coffee, and excellent latte art. During the last four years, the organization and its events have taken on a life of their own. The SPLAT season now boasts national equipment and prize sponsors such as Mahlkonig and La Marzocco, as well as events that extend beyond the world of latte art. For example, this SPLAT season has already seen a cupping competition hosted by Temple Coffee Roasters and a Barista Wellness Day at The Boulder Field, which offered climbing and yoga classes for area baristas.

As with all latte art competitions, Thursday’s throwdown will be separated into four rounds with different criteria, with baristas competing one-on-one in a bracketed format. The first three rounds have a specific design baristas are required to produce: heart, tulip, and rosetta, in that order. The fourth round is what is called a “free pour”, meaning competing baristas choose their design. A panel of three judges will anonymously judge each drink based on the criteria of symmetry, contrast, and definition. With 64 spots open, there is plenty of room for all interested baristas to join in the competition and enjoy the opportunity to hone their skills.

The excellence of the Sacramento coffee scene is no secret to locals, and the seasonal SPLAT events provide an opportunity for the stories of the area’s numerous local roasters and coffee shops to spread farther than ever before. SPLAT organizers diligently plan and promote events, while seeking out local and national partnerships to make all of the events dynamic and exciting. With SPLAT events in full swing, one need not search beyond the City of Trees to find a vibrant and diverse community of coffee professionals that possess formidable passion and talent. All of us at Pachamama Coffee are excited to stay true to our mission of bridging the gap between coffee producers and consumers by offering a space for one of the most unique elements of the coffee industry (artistry) to take shape.

We hope to see you Thursday cheering on your favorite shop!

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