Pachamama Coffee Partners With Sacramento Natural Foods Co-Op

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Your balanced breakfast has found its home at our café locations, thanks to the Sacramento Natural Foods Cooperative. In partnership with our friends at the Sacramento Natural Foods Co-Op, we have created a breakfast menu that is now available at both of our cafe locations. The menu offers four items, including two vegetarian options, all of which are made with locally sourced and organic ingredients.

Now available 7 days a week:

  • Breakfast Burrito (veggie + egg only)
  • Sausage Breakfast Burrito
  • Egg & Cheese Biscuit
  • Bacon, Egg & Cheese Biscuit

The introduction of hot food to our cafés has been an ambition held by the Pachamama staff since our Midtown Coffeebar was still in the works. With the goal of being a full service stop for Sacramento natives or travelers to kick start their morning or fuel their afternoon, we knew that complex and hearty meals would be in order. Meeting this goal was the perfect opportunity to double down on our dedication to local partnerships and Co-Op to Co-Op connections. We created a menu and a wholesale partnership with the Sacramento Natural Foods Co-Op not only because we wanted to buy the tastiest possible burritos and biscuits, but because we completely trust them on two fronts.

First, they have a company-wide commitment to supporting local farms with their purchases, and using all organic produce. This way, when we pick up our daily orders from the Co-Op, we know who we are in business with: our farming neighbors in areas such as Capay Valley and Winters. Not only that, but the Co-Op’s ethics in providing organically grown produce aligns with our mission of using organic cafe inputs whenever possible and providing them at a reasonable price for our customers. The Sac Food Co-Op is unwavering in their commitment to quality, and with the use of high-end products guaranteed, we know that we can stand behind them.

Second, the Co-Op is community owned. This means that the customers who have invested in the Co-Op collectively own and democratically control the business. So, the profits earned by the Co-Op through the sale of our breakfast menu items are controlled by members of the Sacramento community, and go back to them either in the form of dividends (profit sharing) or the financing of local projects. Pachamama Coffee is a global cooperative (meaning that we have a similar ownership model but our “community members” are coffee farmers), so while our heart is scattered across the coffee-growing regions of the world, a large part of it is also in Sacramento. Using our monetary freedom of speech to support the Sacramento Food Cooperative and other locally owned small businesses is a simple way that we are able to give back to the community that has given us such a vibrant, inclusive home. The Sacramento Natural Foods Cooperative offers a responsible and trustworthy alternative to other corporate grocery operations, and we are happy to make that choice.

Of course, one of the major draws to these particular burritos and biscuits was that we just could not get enough of them. Made and served with love, they will be the perfect pairing to your Oaxaca Mocha or Ethiopian Pour-Over. But why take our word for it? Come try them any day of the week at our cafés.

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