Sacramento Farm-to-Fork Celebration: Pachamama Coffee Signs On As Official Coffee Sponsor

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It is with great excitement that we announce our official sponsorship of the 2018 Sacramento Farm-to-Fork Celebration. On September 28th and 29th, we will join hundreds of regional vendors and sponsors on the Capitol Mall to celebrate the farm-to-table movement and the vibrancy of the Sacramento region’s agricultural and culinary resources. As the official coffee sponsor of the event, organized by Visit Sacramento, Pachamama Coffee is proud to serve freshly roasted coffee and cold brew from its farmers in Peru, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Mexico and Ethiopia.

Pachamama Coffee began in 2006 in Davis, California, selling our members’ organic coffee directly to the Davis Food Co-op and to patrons of the Davis Farmers’ Market. The farmer-owned coffee cooperative moved its headquarters to Sacramento in 2012 and roasts coffee daily, serving both local and national customers.  A deeper relationship with the Farm-to-Fork Celebration, and surrounding events including the Legends of Wine night and the Tower Bridge Dinner, is a natural step for the farmers that own Pachamama Coffee.

We focus on providing our customers with high quality, freshly roasted coffee directly from our farmers. We have always centered our operations around the conviction that giving coffee farmers the opportunity to connect with end consumers in a direct and meaningful way, mitigating third party involvement and ensuring quality control, is the ideal way to achieve a more equitable and sustainable coffee industry.

In many ways, it was this ideal that led to our fascination with the farm-to-table movement, and what makes us feel so at home in Sacramento, America’s Farm-to-Fork Capital. The farm-to-table movement is about quality, locally produced food and the people that produce, prepare, and consume it.  One need not look further than the greater Sacramento region for a microcosm of the many facets of what farm-to-fork can mean. The official Farm-to-Fork website answers the question “Why Sacramento?” with the following statistics: “The six counties surrounding the greater Sacramento region grows over 150 crop varieties, supports a regional $7.2 billion agricultural economy; we are home to more than 1.5 million acres in active farmland.” In addition to the agricultural importance of the region, it is also home to more than 40 farmers markets that allow consumers to meet with and buy directly from producers of a wide variety of products.

This new partnership with the official Farm-to-Fork Celebration is not our first foray into this local culture. In fact, our Saturday stand at the Davis Farmers Market is our longest-running retail operation and gives us the weekly opportunity to commune with local producers - and serve them coffee, of course! We also deeply value our working relationship with Farm Fresh To You, a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) service that provides families across Northern California with produce and goods directly from sustainable small-scale farms and businesses. One of the major perks of this partnership is the connection to Capay Organic, a family farm in the Capay Valley that is a staple of Farm Fresh To You operations. We always look forward to having our stand at their seasonal community events, as it provides us with a chance to learn even more about the world of California agriculture. Beyond that, we also enjoy close ties with the Davis Food Co-Op and the Sacramento Natural Foods Co-Op, who provide local, organic produce to their communities 7 days a week.

All of this is to say that we are pleased to have found a new home within the Farm-To-Fork celebrations, and are honored to have the opportunity to keep everyone fueled. We hope you will join us at one of the events coming up this month, or visit us at one of our Sacramento coffeebars to talk more about how Pachamama Coffee is aligned with all that this month’s celebrations represent.

Photo above courtesy of Visit Sacramento; photo credit to Lisa Nottingham.
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