Oat Milk is Making a Splash as the New Standard at Pachamama Coffee

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November 1, 2021

This week, Pachamama launched their new drink standard at all cafes: oat milk. Pachamama will be the first cafe in the Sacramento area to implement oat milk as the standard in all drinks and one of the first in the US to fully execute this standard in all cafe locations (and with no surcharge). 

The decision to switch was easy. It was driven by our own pursuit to move towards sustainable choices in the cafes, but also by customer choice at the register. Since adopting alternative milks, our cafes have seen a trend in consumer preference rising to support this decision to switch our standard option. With over 60% of our customers opting for oat milk versus dairy and other alternatives, this choice was the logical next step. 

As a business, we are continually striving to create a more sustainable business model from origin to cafe. Sustainability has always been on the forefront of our mind since our founding over 15 years ago. After winning the 2021 SCA Award for Sustainable Business Model our pursuit to improve has only heightened. In a world where the effects of climate change are visibly experienced each day, it is in our farmer-owners’, consumers’ and the industry’s best interest to pursue better, more sustainable options to ensure a secure future for all.

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In comparison to other alternative milks, like almond and soy, and dairy options, oat milk comes out on top (or should we say the bottom) ranking lowest in water usage and greenhouse gas emissions, some of the biggest factors to consider when looking for sustainable options. To make 1 liter of oat milk, 48 liters of water are used and carbon dioxide emissions come in around 0.18 kilograms for a 200ml glass. Dairy and the other alternatives, have higher water usage ranging from 297 liters to over 1000 liters and greenhouse gas emissions ranging from 0.2kg to 0.6kg per 200ml glass. (Taylor Gato, Columbia Climate School, 2021). 

These numbers are something we can stand by and feel good about the decision, especially living in a drought stricken California, where every drop of water is precious. 

“The flavor and mouthfeel of oat milk is perfect with our Dulce de Leche Latte, one of our most popular espresso drinks,” says Cruz Conrad, Pachamama Cafe Director. “We don’t believe in up-charging people for their dietary preferences, whether for health or environmental reasons. We respect our customers by making our menus as transparent as we are in our coffee sourcing.”

We believe that choosing a more sustainable option should not come at an extra cost, which is why our retail cafes have always opted-out of the “vegan tax” others place on alternative milk options.

Latte art in blue cup surrounded by oats

For those customers who have not hopped onto the oat milk train, almond milk and dairy options will still be available. Pachamama customers are free to ask the barista for any preference to customize for the perfect beverage. 





Written by Ashley Fleming for Pachamama Coffee

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