Pachamama Coffee Accepts the 2021 Sustainability Award for Business Model from the Speciality Coffee Association

Posted by Ashley Fleming on

May 12, 2021

We are honored to win the Specialty Coffee Association's 2021 Sustainability Award for Business Model. Pachamama Coffee Cooperative is the collective effort of thousands of smallholder farmers that have organized themselves cooperatively for generations. Here's our award acceptance speech, featuring Pachamama Coffee CEO and co-founder, Thaleon Tremain; Co-Founder and President of the board of directors, Merling Preza; Vice President Carlos Reynoso; and Pachamama coffee producer, Alexa Marin.

The video below was viewed at the SCA’s Re:Co Symposium. This annual event hosts coffee professionals around the world to “address the most pressing topics facing our industry today, blending expert speakers, sensory experiences, live discussion, networking, and community-engagement opportunities.”

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