A Ceremonial Coffee: K'intu Blend

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An Offering in Celebration of Our 15 Year Anniversary

K'intu Blend is our offering to Pachamama, Mother Earth. It's an offering in the spirit of gratitude to all that sustains us, including you. We celebrate all we have accomplished together thus far. And we are grateful for getting to be here today after 15 years, as we honor small-scale farmers around the world. It is our vision to continue to grow strong in the service of coffee farmers to create a more equitable and sustainable world.

Pachamama's K'intu Blend is a light roast celebrating the three continents that make up Pachamama Coffee: North America, South America and Africa. This blend is comprised from our single-origin coffees including: Perú Santa Teresa, Nicaragua Rio Coco and Ethiopia Guji Natural. "K'intu is vibrant, juicy and beautifully balanced," as Theo Bernados, roaster and barista describes. We were inspired to create a blend that not only celebrates our story, but one that creates a new experience in our Pachamama Coffee offerings, a blend where our three continents come together to give back, to Pachamama and to you, to say ¡gracias!

In the Quechua and Aymara tradition and culture, “K'intu” is the offering of three coca leaves to Pachamama, mother earth, which is the source of all life. This offering of three coca leaves is consistent with the three levels of the mother earth, namely the inner world, the earth surface and heaven. Which are represented by the Snake, Puma and Condor, respectively.

We embrace the spirit of reciprocity in K'intu as a symbol of our foundation: social, economic and environmental sustainability. And we celebrate our three continents: Central America, South America and Africa.

The Cantuta flowers, also present in our offering are considered the sacred flower of the Incas. In Cuzco people know them by their Quechua name, qantu.  This flower is native to the Andes of Perú and Bolivia. The Cantuta flower is considered a ceremonial flower used in rituals and ceremonies as a sign of respect.

"We always keep in mind the years of hard work our farmers put in just to produce one cup," says Bernados. "And so as you enjoy this blend, let us celebrate the true heroes: our shareholders, our empowered farmers."


¡Salud a la Pachamama!

K'intu Coffee. Organic coffee light roast blend




Perú, Santa Teresa | Co-op: COCLA

The first coffee ever sold by Pachamama came from the valley of Santa Teresa. Based in Quillabamba, Perú, the COCLA cooperative is owned by 8,500 small-scale coffee farmers. COCLA's late leader, Raúl del Águila, was the founding president of Pachamama in 2003. Learn More.

Nicaragua, Rio Coco | Co-op: PRODECOOP

Representing 2,300 families in northern Nicaragua, PRODECOOP cooperative is based in Esteli, Nueva Segovia, and managed by Merling Preza, who has served as the president of Pachamama since 2013. Learn More.

Ethiopia Sidamo Guji Natural | Co-op: OCFCU 

OCFCU has grown to represent more than 400,000 households of smallholder coffee farmers. Formed in 1999, today the union is comprised of 407 primary groups and exports high quality coffee from the best-known regions of Ethiopia, including Yirgacheffe, Sidama, Nekemte and Limu.






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