2020 Transparency Report

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March 2021

A supply chain is only as strong as its weakest link. In the pursuit of sustainable coffee, from seed-to-cup, we strive to produce better coffee every harvest to the direct benefit of smallholder farmers in Perú, Nicaragua, Guatemala, México and Ethiopia. This year we celebrate Pachamama’s 15 Year Anniversary. We applaud the significant contributions of so many people necessary to brew a quality cup of coffee.

Sustainable coffee, in our view, requires a strong foundation built on the three pillars of sustainability: economic, social and environmental. Our business was designed to be sustainable for farmers and to financially reward their social and environmental contributions to our world.
Pachamama Coffee’s 2020 Transparency Report is an effort to share our experience as a vertically-integrated coffee business. We choose to be transparent beyond the F.O.B. price ($2.46), including the retail value we capture ($12.43) per pound, the net profits we earn ($1.11) per pound, and the people empowered with a vote in our boardroom. Last year, Pachamama’s farmer-owners earned a total of $3.57 per pound of green coffee sold via the cooperative, all of which was Certified Organic. All shareholder equity (100%) remains in the hands of smallholder farmers.

Despite a difficult and challenging year in 2020, we are humbled by this modest success. It was not luck and it was not easy. Pachamama works thanks to the support of its customers, staff, partners and farmer-owners. On behalf of the Pachamama family, we thank you for contributing to a more equitable world. And we promise to continue our pursuit of better coffee every harvest.

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Thaleon Tremain, CEO 

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