International Day of Cooperatives

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Today is the International Day of Cooperatives, a day set a side each year to celebrate co-ops around the world and their contributions to their local and global communities. While there are many different types of co-ops (grocery, credit unions, agricultural), each share 7 guiding principles that inform their practices and culture. The ways in which these principles are applied vary from co-op to co-op, based on their unique missions and industry.

The International Day of Cooperatives stands as a reminder that inequality in all its forms is not a necessary reality - there are solutions, and social entrepreneurship that follows the cooperative model is a way for communities to create just futures for themselves. 

At Pachamama Coffee, we stand proudly with our fellow co-ops. We stand for global equity, and we stand for radical changes to the way the every day consumer thinks about business. That is why we are a farmer-owned cooperative - we believe that capitalism can be used to empower those that have traditionally been left behind by the bottom line of business: profit. Below are informational graphics that outline the particular ways in which Pachamama Coffee weaves the 7 Cooperative Principles into its operations and philosophy, from beginning to end.  

Principle 1: Voluntary and Open Membership

Principle 2: Democratic Member Control

Principle 3: Member Economic Participation

Principle 4: Autonomy and Independence

Principle 5: Education, Training, and Information

Principle 6: Cooperation among Cooperatives

Principle 7: Concern for the Community

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