The Best Coffee Subscription Directly from the Farmers Themselves

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In April 2011, Pachamama Coffee launched the first of its kind farmer-to-consumer coffee subscription that linked global farmers directly with the local consumers in the United States. 10 years later, we are one of 2021's best coffee subscriptions by, showing what farmers can achieve when they own the tools of success. 

In a typical Community Supported Agriculture box, customers buy into local farmer’s crops by prepaying and receiving weekly or monthly boxes of fresh produce. The direct grower-to-consumer relationship ensures stability for farmers and they are able to use this prepayment, and guaranteed income, to invest in their crops for seasons to come. 

Pachamama’s farmers understood the importance of the direct relationship and made “community agriculture go global”, as The New York Time’s highlighted in debut.

At the time of this article, membership was only at 15 subscribers. Erin Barnett, the director of stated she saw a lot of potential in this model.

“People are addicted to coffee. The likelihood that they’re going to have loyal support is high.” 

She was right. Today, 10 years later, we continue to have the support of those original subscribers, as well as new buyers, to continue our pursuit of equity and sustainability in the coffee industry for small scale farmer-owners. 

As awareness of subscription services and CSA boxes continues to grow, we salute our farmers for their pioneering efforts in bringing community supported agriculture to coffee, bridging global with local. 

Learn more about our CSA boxes and subscribe to small-scale farmers:  

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