Winter Menu

Winter Menu

Sink into cozy season with our all new Winter Menu 

Winter is here. Celebrate the season with old favorites and new flavors, arriving at the cafes on December 11th. 


G I N G E R B R E A D    B R U L E E

Sweet, Spiced, and Delicious: gently crafted with ginger, cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, and a sweet touch of maple. Sprinkled sugar is expertly torched to a caramelization, creating a modern holiday classic in a cup.


C A F E C I T O    D E    O L L A

Our take on the classic Mexican coffee drink: a rich, sweet, luxurious drink crafted with espresso, piloncillo, chocolate and notes of cinnamon. 


W I N T E R M I N T    M O C H A 

A Festive Favorite: handcrafted combination of aromatic peppermint, luscious chocolate, creamy milk and espresso. 


C R I O L L O   C A C A O   M O C H A 

Rich, Spicy, Authentic. A wonderful combination of our Peruvian espresso with Heirloom Peruvian "Criollo" cacao beans, dark Colombian sugar, Himalayan pink salt, and perfectly steamed milk.


S A L T E D    C A R A M E L

Our Salted Caramel is a winter classic. We start with our latte and elevate it with the flavor of buttery caramel-toffee. We then beautifully pair it with a hint of sea salt for balance.

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