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The 13th Annual Sprudgie Awards have named finalists for a total of thirteen categories. These range from outstanding individuals, to best podcast, and our personal interest Notable Coffee Producer. Sprudge is “the world’s most popular coffee publication, a global hub of coffee culture and original journalism since 2009.” 

This year, farmer-owner, coffee producer and our dear friend Alexa Marin has been named a finalist for the category Notable Coffee Producer. We could not be more proud and thankful to see Alexa receiving this recognition and want to ask you, our community of supporters, to go vote for Alexa. 

Alexa Marin, Coffee Producer Nicaragua

By voting for Alexa Marin, you are helping share her story to the larger coffee industry and recognizing her efforts from a small local community on a broad global scale.


Voting Closes January 9th 2022

Sprugie Awards

A message from Alexa: 

“For me it is a dream to know that a small-scale coffee producer like myself is seen. I want to thank the organizations [Sprudge], PRODECOOP, Pachamama Coffee that has made us visible, and to all the coffee consumers out there. I feel proud, very proud today and extremely happy that I even forgot about my pain. This is going to continue to motivate me. 

With the climate change crisis affecting coffee production so much, things like these further motivate us to keep going, to keep fighting knowing there are people who speak for us, that while we are here at origin, we have a voice over there that represents us. 

I am happy and joyous, and I thank each and every one of you. I thank my organization PRODECOOP. And I thank my little piece of earth which is my second mother, because it feeds me and my family. Thank you to everyone. I couldn’t be happier.”

Learn more about Alexa and her impact: 

We work directly with Alexa to share her story and amplify her work. Earlier this year, we published Alexa’s firsthand account of the impacts of climate change, the pandemic and the global market for her farm. To read her words, click here

Alexa Marin, Small Scale Coffee Farmer, Nicarauga, PRODECOOP

Alexa is a small-scale coffee producer in El Volcán, Dipilto, Nicaragua and a farmer-owner of Pachamama Coffee Cooperative. She is the Gender Commission Coordinator at PRODECOOP Nicaragua where she oversees and advocates for women coffee producers, particularly in regards to women’s health and gender equality. 

PRODECOOP Women's Health Clinic


Alexa's words have been translated and edited for clarity by Rosa Angelica Sarabia. 

Blog written and edited by Ashley Fleming for Pachamama Coffee

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