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Pachamama was founded upon the ideal to connect communities around the world directly from supplier to consumer in the shortest way possible. In doing this we can create better lives for everyone around the world; producers  earn more for their work  and in turn consumers get better quality products. 

We are introducing our newest partnership to shorten the supply chain: Jochipapanete Jewelry, directly from the Shipibo-Konibo community in Peru. This unique connection formed when Pachamama Coffee barista, Kacie Ouimet, visited the group in Peru at their healing center during her travels across the country. Inspired by their story, Kacie wanted to connect the center to the United States market to sell their unique handmade jewelry to a new audience. 


Shipibo Community in Peru

Purchasing jewelry from Jochipapanete is quite a celebration - because it’s both connecting us with a beautiful culture based in healing and love, and it’s supporting the Shipibo-Konibo community and the continuance of their traditions and ways of life. The sale of each piece directly benefits the woman who has created it, and subsequently her family and entire community. ” - Kacie Ouimet


About the Shipibo-Konibo Community 

The Shipibo-Konibo, formerly two tribes (the Shipibo and Konibo) reside mainly in the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest. Having been there for thousands of years, they are considered protectors of the Ucayali region of the Amazon Rainforest. Their traditions are centered in a deep respect for Pachamama, as well as an extensive knowledge of the natural world surrounding them. Only taking what is needed and always asking permission from the plants, their ways of live cultivate harmony with the earth. 
Despite colonization attempts and missionary interference over the centuries, the Shipibo-Konibo have stayed true to their roots and traditions. However, recent extractive industries such as mass fishing and deforestation have depleted many of their ancestral lands. They have been forced to move deeper inland away from their once-abundant rivers; many have left their homes, often at a very young age, in search of work in larger cities in order to support their families. 

That’s when Rosenda, Deodomero and Sarela started to work on their dream of creating a community center to empower their family and provide income for their community to stay on the land they call home. Differing from other centers in the area, the Jochipapanete Center is indigenous owned and operated, so that native communities are sharing their culture and knowledge directly to educate visitors. 

“Maestro Deodomero had a dream of creating a Shipibo owned healing center, where people from all over the world can come heal and become the truest version of themselves - with support of the Shipibos wisdom, ancestral knowledge of plants, medicine and  Earth around them - with the activity of the center supporting Shipibo communities” - Kacie Ouimet


Reiterating this story of respect and reciprocity that is so prevalent for Peruvian culture, they built a space within the community that is owned and created by everything found within. This idea of reciprocity is something that we have recited here at Pachamama as a foundation for our business model. The cycle of reciprocity and circular growth is important as we engage in communities from the United states and beyond. 

"Their traditions have deep roots of ancestral knowledge respect for nature and a loyal connection to family”

By keeping money within the places where goods are coming from we ensure a better way of life for those people and also create better goods in return from the commitment on both ends of the supply chain. 

   Shipibo-Owned Ayahuasca Healing Center

Jewelry Designs

We are so excited to introduce this product line and partnership with all of our loyal customers. You can see the quality craft and dedication in each pair of earrings. They are all handmade in the traditional techniques of the community  with no two designs exactly the same. 

“The Kené is a design based on thoughts and reflections of the cosmovision in relation to the natural world of the Indigenous group of Shipibo-Konibo within the Amazon Jungle. The embroideries that carry these Kené designs and the medicinal plant Ayahuasca, beautify and heal at the same time. These pieces are unique, despite repeating some patterns, copies are never reproduced as they are personal visions.

We hope that you enjoy it. Receive our greetings and may the compassionate light of the Great Spirit illuminate your hearts with peace and reconciliation. We do not believe that it is a time to continue sharpening our contradictions, but rather to find peace, humility, prudence and wisdom, in love for the earth and for life.” - Maestro Deodomero



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