Brew Guide: How to Make Cold Brew

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It’s that time of year again where we trade in our beloved hot cup of coffee for something more weather appropriate.

Do you ever come back home from the coffee shop and wish you could make the same wonderful coffee you had there? Then you look around the kitchen and Amazon and in frustration say ‘no way’. Well, you’re in luck! Now armed with just a French Press, filtered water, Pachamama Coffee, and some patience: you too can brew like a barista and have that smooth cold brew in the comfort of your home!

So here it is, how to brew the best tasting cold brew at home from the experts at Pachamama.

Things you’ll need:

French Press and Cold Brew Blend Coffee Beans


For cold brew we use a 1:11 ratio, which means we use 1 gram of coffee per 11 ml of water. So if you are using a smaller or larger french press than the one we are in this recipe you can simply adjust the amount of coffee and water to match this ratio! 


Step 1: Weigh out 90 grams of Pachamama Cold Brew Blend
  • No scale, no problem! This is about 6 tbsp of (ground) coffee
Step 2: Grind on course setting and pour grounds into the bottom of your French Press.
  • If you don’t have a grinder at home, just ask your barista to grind your beans for cold brew when you come into the cafe.
Ground coffee
Step 3: Pour ~1 liter of filtered water slowly into your french press over the grounds making sure they all are covered.
  • Make sure you leave enough space at the top of the press to put the lid on without spilling water over
Step 4: Place the lid on the french press, push down ¼ inch, and place in the refrigerator.
French press with coffee in it
Step 5: After 14-16 hours, press the plunger down completely.
Step 6: Your cold brew is ready to enjoy! Pour over ice with your favorite sweetener, cream or drink it black
  • We recommend transferring any remaining cold brew to a carafe so the coffee does not become over extracted. Discard the grounds at the bottom of the french press and prepare for another batch of smooth and crisp iced coffee.
Cold Brew coffee

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  • Thank you for this wonderful recipe. I love your coffee it is so wonderful!!! Thank you Pachamama!!!

    Glenda Collins on

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