Seasons Are Changing and so Must Our Menu

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Without further ado ––– introducing the Fall 2021 cafe menu 🍂🍁

As much as we love a summer filled with cold brew nothing gets us more excited in Sacramento than the leaves changing and the crisp chill of mornings. Inspired by the flavors of the season, experience fall in a whole new way (with something better than the classic ole PSL)


M A P L E   B R Û L É E 

Gently sweetened by organic maple syrup, topped with brown sugar, and finally expertly torched to  caramelization creating a modern holiday classic in a cup.

 (yes you read that right –– it is torched, with a live flame, and is only available for-here)

brulee latte


D U L C E   D E   L E C H E 

A re-imagination of a traditional Latin American confection. We start with our latte and elevate it with the unique flavors of slow-cooked sweet milk, accompanied by hints of butter, caramel and vanilla.

 dulce de leche cafe


C R I O L L O   C A C A O   M O C H A 

Rich, Spicy, Authentic. A wonderful combination of our Peruvian espresso with Heirloom Peruvian "Criollo" cacao beans, dark Colombian sugar, Himalayan pink salt, and perfectly steamed milk.

 spicy peruvian mocha


H O N E Y   B E A R   L A T T E

A comforting combination of cinnamon and honey with creamy milk and velvety espresso.

Honey cinnamon latte


L A V E N D E R   M A T C H A

A magical taste combination of lavender and finely ground green tea, balanced with creamy oat milk.

lavender matcha latte

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