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This month we are excited to bring you a brand new offering as our Coffee of the Month Feature, from Caranavi, Bolivia. Over 20 years ago, Pachamama CEO and Co-founder Thaleon Tremain, was working for the Peace Corps, as a volunteer in Bolivia and that’s a small piece of where the Pachamama story begins. 

Taste this offering before its gone

Organic coffee bolivia

​​“My story started as a Peace Corps volunteer in Bolivia in the ‘90s. That’s where I learned about international development work and started to look for ways to help solve some real-world problems. You can’t help someone much by digging a ditch in Bolivia, but if you worked for them in America selling their coffee, you might actually be able to help them. So I left the Peace Corps, thinking that it was going to be business that could make a bigger impact. Coffee was a no-brainer — there is so much money in coffee and there was a market for it,” - Thaleon Tremain, CEO Pachamama Coffee

Coffee processing, Bolivia

Bolivia is rich in diversity, art and culture with beautiful landscapes ranging from the rainforest, to the Andes mountains to salt flats and everything in between. The diversity of the country and its people, as well as the colorfulness of everyday life in Bolivia is what makes it great. If you ever get the chance to visit this beautiful region, we highly recommend doing so. 

This single origin coffee is from the coffee producers at the cooperative AGROCAM in the province of Caranavi. With a unique location situated between the Andes and the Amazon River, the soil is rich in nutrients and perfect conditions to grow a great cup of coffee. This special cup will bring forward notes of apricot, pistachio and chocolate.

Bolivian Coffee

Head Roaster Theo Bernados stated “I've been brewing our Bolivian coffee via Aeropress on the weekends. It produces such a clean, sweet and chocolatey cup! We're proud to serve this coffee that is grown in the tropical Caravani Region. Bolivia is the smallest exporter of coffee in South America but is not lacking in quality and taste. If you haven't tried it, now is the time!"

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