Complete Coffee Guide to a Successful Thanksgiving Holiday

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Take it from us, we know the holidays can be stressful and hectic but at the end of the day coming together with friends and family makes it all worthwhile. If you're looking to impress your future in-laws, maybe calm down that loud and hyper uncle, or just steal the show with a stunning dessert coffee, we’re here to give you the best holiday coffee hacks.


Kick off the day with a beautiful dark roast that has notes of almond and caramel. The Harvest Blend, a very fitting name for this time of year is a wonderful fusion of 50% Nicaragua and 50% Peru. It's bold flavor profile and smooth sipping will get the whole family ready for a day filled with Turkey Trots, cooking, watching all your favorite sports and keeping up with the nieces and nephews. You can't go wrong with this crowd pleaser.

We recommend brewing for a crowd using a French Press to highlight the boldness of the cup. For only one or two cups, use a V60 for a smooth, clean taste. Impress your family and friends with your brewing knowledge by watching our Brew Guides


After the morning and early afternoon chaos, take some time to unwind and warm up with a cup of  “I can’t believe this is decaf” decaf. Our Decaf Mexico is a Mountain water processed coffee that packs so much flavor without the punch of caffeine! You have to try it to believe it! Sipping on decaf will allow you to hit the post-dinner food coma nap that will surely happen. This brew pairs nicely with some pre-dinner appetizers like charcuterie boards or post-dinner dessert of chocolate pie.



After all the festivities are wrapping up, nothing squares off the night quite like a dessert coffee. The Kintu Blend, a harmonious blend from Africa, Central and South America makes for a complex, juicy and balanced cup. For those that want to try a bright and crisp cup, this pairs well with your favorite slice of pie! Although it's not decaf, it will get you ready to complete all your holiday shopping on Black Friday or secure those last minute gifts for everyone on your list. 



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