Spring has Sprung with All New Speciality Drinks

Spring has Sprung with All New Speciality Drinks
Pachamama Coffee's all new speciality drink menu 
Inspired by the changing seasons, the spring menu launched at all of Pachamama's Sacramento area cafes on March 18, dually celebrating President Merling Preza's birthday
L A V E N D E R    L A T T E 
Lavender Latte

Floral, Gentle, and Familiar: a handcrafted latte combining fragrant, soothing house-made lavender syrup with espresso and milk of your choice.


C A R D A M O M    R O S E    L A T T E  

Cardamom Rose LatteRadiant, Romantic, and Rich. This encouraging tandem of perfumey Rose and grounding Cardamom partnered with espresso and milk creates the perfect approach to spring.


O R A N G E    B L O S S O M    M O C H A

Orange Blossom Mocha

Calming, Fragrant, Sweet: a wonderful aromatic pairing of freshly blooming Orange Blossom (tangerine, citrus, earthy) layered with creamy milk, rich chocolate, and smooth espresso. The signal that spring is here.


C H E R R Y    B L O S S O M    M A T C H A 

Cherry Blossom Matcha Latte

A magical, rich combination of Almond and Wild Cherry from the Sakura Flower balanced with finely ground green tea and your choice of milk. 



Order online for all our Sacramento Coffee shop locations at DrinkPacha.com

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