Semillas De Cafe | A Photographic Journey of Coffee in Huatusco, Mexico

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April 1, 2022 | Sacramento,CA 

CASA de ESPAÑOL has announced a partnership with Sacramento’s Pachamama Coffee to showcase local photographers Rosa Angelica and Antonio Sarabia as part of Photography Month Sacramento. The exhibition titled Semillas de
Café, A Photographic Journey of Coffee in Huatusco, Mexico is featuring the images of Pachamama's farmer owners at the cooperative La Union Regional.

The exhibition highlights various aspects of farming, taking attendees on a photographic journey of laborious yet beautiful process that it takes to get coffee from the farmers' hands in Veracruz, México to your cup.

“We really value Pachamama’s business model and the representation their farmers have. We’re excited for the opportunity to partner with them on this project,” said Mara Harrington, Director of CASA de ESPAÑOL.

Rosa and Antonio visited member cooperative La Union Regional in the July of 2021 and were able to capture just a small piece of the labor it takes to grow coffee. "The small scale farmers have so much pride in their work and it brings me joy that I got to experience that first hand on my visit. My hope is that you, too, can see this labor of love through the photos I captured" said Rosa Angelica Sarabia. 

The exhibit opens on April 1, 2022 and there will be coffee samples and live music for your enjoyment. The following day Pachamama Coffee will be hosting a coffee tasting that you can buy tickets for here. The photo exhibit will remain open to the public throughout the month of April. Special thank you to Photography Month Sacramento for the opportunity to showcase this work and thank you to the other organizations in Sacramento highlighting this month long exhibit. Prints will be available for purchase. 

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