Pachamama Coffee Returns to Davis with New Café

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May 2020

Born in Davis, California fourteen years ago, Pachamama Coffee returns with a new cafe at Centennial Plaza, in the heart of downtown. The Sacramento-based coffee roaster, which is collectively owned and governed by small-scale farmers in Africa and Latin America, launched operations in Davis in 2006. The cooperative's first wholesale customer was the Davis Food Co-op

The new Davis location is Pachamama's third cafe and is placed at the entrance of town, near the historic Southern Pacific train depot. Sitting at the corner of 2nd and G Streets, the City of Davis was founded on this very spot in 1917, today known as Centennial PlazaThe interior of the cafe was designed by Rosa Angelica and Antonio Sarabia of R+A Artmedia, and features unique artwork celebrating craft coffee as well as the community of Davis, home to UC Davis and the United States Bicycling Hall of Fame! 

Pachamama started small, by selling roasted coffee to consumers and food cooperatives. In 2013, once the brand took root with independent retailers around the country Pachamama built a roasting facility in Sacramento and opened its first retail café in Davis. The original Pachamama cafe was moved to East Sacramento a couple of years later. 

Since 2007. Pachamama has been a regular at the Davis Farmers Market, a pioneering organic farmer's market. You can find Pachamama every Saturday morning at the market (8 to 1), serving fresh organic coffee and espresso beverages.  

Get directions to the Pachamama Davis cafe at 130 G Street. Check out Pachamama's Yelp Reviews!

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