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At Pachamama Coffee, we work for coffee farmers. For over 20 years, we have been in the pursuit of doing better business in better ways to create a sustainable and equitable supply chain for coffee. Today, we are thrilled to announce the launch of our new brand coupled with the release of our new plant based, compostable packaging with unique feature label artwork to better communicate our journey, our ethos and further our mission as the first farmer owned brand within the specialty coffee community.

From the beginning we've been committed to building a sustainable future for coffee from the farm all the way to the cafe. As the first 100% farmer owned coffee roaster, equity and sustainability has been on the forefront of our mission. Our award winning business model ensures small scale coffee farmers receive equitable compensation for their coffee and prioritizes sustaining ecosystems through certified organic and shade grown farming. Our choice to switch to plant based, compostable packaging seamlessly strings the economic and environmental initiatives throughout the model into the roasting and retail side of our business. 

Artists Rosa Angélica and Antonio Sarabia, of Azules Design Studio, developed a meaningful new brand logo, color palette and feature designs through collaboration with our farmer-owners, directors and team members to reflect the 20 years of work put into Pachamama to power us forward through the next 20 and beyond.  

“We wanted to honor our origins and continue our commitment and understanding that the future of coffee will depend on sustaining a harmonious relationship with nature” - Azules Design Studio

More than Just a Cup

 “Our dream is to put a face to the roasted coffee, more than just being commodity producers." said Carlos Reynoso, VP of Pachamama Coffee, GM of Manos Campesinas in Guatemala. 

In the early days, Pachamama sought to put a name and face to the coffee you drink each morning showing our customers one face behind each morning cup, but coffee is much more than just one farmer and face. Coffee is a community project, and it should reflect the people and the places used to produce this highly coveted beverage.  Good coffee takes time and it is cultivated through an intertwining system of labor and the environment. While we are moving away from our original branding, we are using this moment, as a vertically integrated coffee roaster, to use art to tell the whole story of coffee and the revolutionary change farmers are building by owning a coffee brand from seed to cup.

The Logo 

“Our new logo is symbolic of our origins, our craft, and dedication to preserving our planet. It features the topography of Machu Picchu, rivers, land and a coffee seedling. Our name “Pachamama” means Mother Earth and comes from the indigenous Andean languages Quechua and Aymara. We wanted to honor our origins and continue our commitment and understanding that the future of coffee will depend on sustaining a harmonious relationship with nature.”

Art Design 

Rosa Angelica and Antonio Sarabia have been working with Pachamama Coffee for over 3 years now to visually tell our story with unique artwork. They are Sacramento-based artists behind Azules Design Studio dedicated to merging art, media and technology to capture the narratives of organizations, communities and individuals who dream and work relentlessly towards their own grand vision. Their mission is to engage in authentic, creative, and compelling storytelling to develop projects that uplift and inspire people. 

Going into this rebrand, Rosa and Antonio dove deep into the history of Pachamama and the cooperatives that own the brand. They collaborated with our producers and directors around the world to build something that reflected the 20 years of work put into the brand while also providing a new color palette, logo and unique label artwork for each coffee. The inspiration with our new label art was to tell the story of coffee reflected in the ecosystems at the farmlevel and throughout the supply chain into your hands as a consumer, highlighting the world of coffee from seed to cup.

Organic coffee subscription

Each single origin label features an animal, reflecting back the story of the land and ecosystems that the small-scale farmers interact with on their daily journeys in their coffee fields that we hope to protect for generations. Our other blends highlight a different piece of the journey of coffee.  You’ll see the farmers featured on our iconic blends such as the Five Sisters and the Farmers’ and the coffee roaster on our French Roast and the delight of pulling a shot of espresso on the Espresso blend. 

Explore our all new packaging designs and inspiration behind each label on each product page on

Compostable Packaging

Over the past year, our team diligently researched new product options to find a better solution to our waste when it comes to packaging our coffee. With our new look comes a new lifecycle, instead of a single use system with packaging going straight to a landfill, it can go to compost. We wanted to give our customers better choices to reduce their single use waste and, as a company, push forward our commitments to the environment.

We are thrilled to have found an option to  join the fight to end single use waste. We chose the Biotre 2.0 for its plant based materials and ability to compost at the home level while also continuing to uphold the freshness of the coffee beans. This move is one step forward  to balance our commitment to sustainability and bringing quality coffee to your door.  Learn more about our choice and how to properly dispose of your Pachamama Coffee bags on our blog here: Composting Your Pachamama Coffee Bag


When Pachamama’s farmer-owners dreamed up the brand over 20 years ago, they knew how important their environment was to keep them and their communities thriving.  Today, with the exacerbated effects of climate change being experienced daily in coffee communities around the world, the commitment to the environment and people most affected by these changes is more important than ever. By showing consumers there is a better way to do business and buy better products, we can work together to build supply chains and industries that will be adaptable and last in the face of an ever changing world. 

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  • Now I understand. My Machu picchu brand is the new name for Farmers or Harvest! It is not a mistake in shipping department. I will open it with gusto! Gracias,

    Nancy Hull on
  • Wow! So well thought out and informative!!

    Jill on

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