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This January we are bringing to you an exclusive new single origin from Matagalpa, Nicaragua, a natural processed Maracaturra bean. The new offering comes from the Matagalpa region, otherwise known as “Pearl of the North” or “Land of Eternal Spring." This region’s luscious greenery, mountains and cascading waterfalls inspired the art on this new label, highlighting not only the beauty of the region, but the delight found in your cup.

Matagalpa _ Nicaragua Natural Maratacurra Coffee

We talked with roaster and barista, Kyla Whitley, about how she takes this highly coveted bean and transforms it into a delicious cup of coffee. 

“We roast this single origin with a gentle firing sequence in smaller batches to coax out the bright hibiscus, sweet green apple, subtle vanilla, and hints of sapodilla, a tropical Nicaraguan fruit described as tasting like brown sugar, sweet potato, pear.”

Kyla described why this coffee varietal is unique and special. "These Maracaturra beans are a cross between Maragogype and Caturra varieties. Due to the hybrid presence of the giant Maragogype bean, the larger beans require special attention in roasting to develop the tropical fruit notes and inherent sweetness from the natural ‘skin-ripened’ dry processing. This coffee is akin to orange wines in processing and rich depth of sweetness."

This Natural brews well with slightly finer grind than what you would typically grind for your choice of brew. Because of the bean's large size, the density structure is less than that of a traditional coffee which means a finer grind is helpful to extract the most flavor and produce the best tasting cup. It is a true enthusiast’s coffee and an interesting change of pace from your everyday cup. Perfect to enjoy in a ray of sunshine on a chilly winter morning—a nostalgic remembrance of the spring past and sweet reminder that warm days will come again. Travel to the luscious ever-spring of the Matagalpa region with this delightful cup.

Coffee cupping


This excellent coffee is grown by Familia Corrales situated in Matagalpa, Nicaragua. They implement an excellent agroecology program from soil management systems to forestry management to maintain healthy soil, clean water and excellent crops. Producing coffee and other crops organically and with advanced management systems, such as those seen with Los Corrales, ensures a healthy balance in natural ecosystems that are key relationships to long term sustainable coffee production and sustainable farms. On top of the intricate farming techniques, the farm has a wet mill that is powered by a hydroelectric plant on the reserve to provide natural power. The innovation and commitment to maintaining ecosystems is reflected highly in the delicious cup. 

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