Historic Hurricanes Hit Coffee Regions in Central America

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We want to thank everyone for helping us raise $12,442 to send to Nicaragua. Your amazing support will help our coffee farmers in Nicaragua in rebuilding their fields, and roads to continue to work and produce amazing organic coffee. We couldn't have done it without you. Much gratitude. 


Hurricanes Eta and Iota have been some of the most devastating hurricanes to hit Central America this season, and part of the worst Atlantic hurricane season recorded in history. 

“It also comes with the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has raged on throughout the hurricane-affected areas, and international relief agencies expect the hurricane will result in increased food insecurity, increases in vector-borne illnesses, increased COVID-19 transmissions and billions of dollars of economic damage.” (Daily Coffee News).

Two of our coffee cooperatives, Nicaragua and Guatemala have been impacted by these hurricanes and the effects of climate change. 

Alexa Marin, one of our cooperative farmers from Nicaragua shared, “the strong wind and rains took down the coffee.” The heavy rains have also brought La Roya del Cafe (Coffee Rust) which is a coffee plant disease. 


We are in close communication with our cooperative leaders in Guatemala and Nicaragua and our Pachamama board president to continue to assess how we can best help. Additionally, we have set up a relief fund to help our farmers rebuild their farms and sustain their livelihood. Click here or on the image below to access the GoFundMe. Pachamam is matching fund up to $5,000.



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