The Davis Farmers' Market

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For the last 40 years, every Wednesday and Saturday, rain or shine, vendors from all over Northern California travel near and far to offer their finest goods at the Davis Farmers Market in Davis, California. Nearly half a million people visit the Davis Farmers Market every year. In 2016, the City of Davis presented a proclamation to the Davis Farmers Market in recognition of it environmental contributions to the Davis Community. In 2015, USA Today named Davis Farmers Markets No. 9 on its 10 Best Farmers Markets List.


“The farmers market is the most ancient way to shop,” [Ann] Evans (co-founder of the Davis Farmers Market) said. “It’s a way to be inspired by what’s growing around you, the change of colors and seasons. I can walk through the market and be inspired. It really changes my mood, uplifts my spirits. Good fresh food does that for people.” We couldn’t agree more Ann!

This award winning market has so many yummy goods, you’ll want to bring ALL of your reusable shopping bags, just in case! You’ll find an array of fresh high quality (and we mean, the highest of the high) local organic fruits and vegetables, including meats, chicken, fish and seafood, wine, local eggs and honey, fresh baked goods, farmer-owned organic coffee, flowers, plants, handy crafts and gifts. Kids can meet Dilly Dally the Clown, ride a carousel, or get their face painted. And you’ll be happy to know that they have an enclosed gated playground, a major plus!


Be sure to stop by the Capay Organic stand for your fruits, veggies and more! The Barsotti-Barnes Family is one of the four farm families–Capay Organic–that founded the market in 1976.

IMG_5757 Also, make sure you come hungry! Do not leave the farmers market without trying at least one of these top scrumptious food vendors: The HotdoggerRaja’s TandoorFat Face (their breakfast sandwiches are our personal favorite!), Avocado Toast, and Naanwiches. IMG_5833

As you make your way through the farmers market, you’ll find us, Pachamama Coffee, brewing farmer-owned organic coffee near the playground. For over 10 years, we’ve been a part of this wonderful event and have been fortunate enough to build a loyal following and make close friends (Rob and Wendy, Chuck and John, Alexandra and her lovely family, we’re talking to you!). Thank you for leaving your warm cozy bed every Saturday morning to buy your coffee from us. For those who have yet to visit the Davis Farmers Market, we’ll let you in on a little secret: when you buy a bag of our coffee beans, you get a free cup of hot coffee or cold-brew (say whaaaat!). That’s a steal.

IMG_5670 The Davis Farmers Market is every Saturday from 8am to 1pm and Wednesday afternoon from 4:30pm to 8:30pm located in the city’s Central Park (401 C St, Davis). On Wednesday’s, market hours will change during winter from 2pm to 6pm beginning November 2nd until March 8th. Trust us, after your first market visit, the friendly faces, incredible food, and family memories will have you coming back again and again. Remember, we’re there every Saturday, rain OR shine, serving you fresh organic coffee. We hope to see you then! IMG_5667IMG_5808IMG_5803IMG_5666IMG_5663IMG_5703IMG_5702IMG_5705IMG_5706IMG_5753IMG_5751IMG_5750IMG_5749IMG_5748

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