10th Anniversary of Sacramento's Farm to Fork Festival

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We are excited to partner with Visit Sacramento again this year as an official sponsor to celebrate the 10th annual Farm to Fork Festival.

Pachamama Coffee was founded almost 20 years ago on a commitment to connect coffee farmers around the world directly to coffee consumers in the United States. We understand the importance and impact that small scale farmers around the world have on shaping our food systems, feeding the world and preserving the planet’s biodiversity.  The best ingredients come straight from the source. By settling our HQ in none other than the Farm to Fork Capital, Sacramento, CA, we have a unique opportunity to bring farmer direct coffee to the farmer direct capital. 

We find ourselves inspired by a movement that bridges the gap between farm and table, championing fresh, local, and sustainable food. This essence of Farm-to-Fork is more than just a regional celebration—it’s an embodiment of our values at Pachamama. Every choice we make, from our partnerships to our brewing techniques, is a testament to our commitment to this ethos. By prioritizing local, sustainable, and ethically-sourced ingredients, we’re not only delivering exceptional taste but also fostering a stronger, more connected community. It’s a celebration of the land, its bounty, and the hands that cultivate it, all converging in the cup you hold.

We began the month of celebrations on the steps of the California State Capital serving coffee  alongside a  world class line up of wineries, breweries and eateries. This event is one of our favorites, connecting us with long-time customers and giving us new influence among the region. 

Legends of Wine Sacramento California State Capital man pouring water into chemex brewer three men smile at camera holding coffee in hand

On Saturday September 23 we were joined on the Capital Mall with our friends and partners around the region for a day celebrating the farm-to-table movement and the vibrancy of the Sacramento region’s agricultural and culinary resources. 

This event was a culmination of everything we stand for and believe in as a cooperative. At Pachamama Coffee, it is especially important to us that you, the consumers, know who you are buying your coffee, food, and beverages from. When you buy directly from those who are producing the products, you are empowering the farmers, the ranchers, the cooperatives, etc. 

As farmers, nothing warms our heart more than to see our region come together in support of the work that we, and thousands of other farmers and cooperatives, do every day. Thank you to the Sacramento region for showing their support at the Farm-to-Fork Festival. We were happy to be a part of this special day and we look forward to next year’s Farm-to-Fork Festival.

man and woman holding coffee smile at camera three people smile at camera with coffee bags and drinks people standing in front of Pachamama booth to buy coffee person holding sactown coffee blend  

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