Women In Coffee

Celebrating Women in Coffee

Pursuing Gender Equity in the coffee industry

As a farmer owned cooperative, Pachamama's mission has always been to pursue equity for coffee farmers around the world. By organizing into cooperatives, coffee farmers have more resources and access to pursue initiatives to better fund gender equity and equality. Women are able to take on leadership roles and fund initiatives to improve the quality of life for their community. Below you can read some of the stories of the amazing women leading the way in their communities and as owners of Pachamama Coffee.

A conversation with President Merling Preza

The Role of women in Coffee

"Women are leading in the production and commercialization of coffee in our country. Every time we acquire more space, and create space. Spaces that we need to retain and grow as we move forward, to ensure that women are present. And doing that takes great tenacity, and I believe, as women, we have plenty of it."

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Gender Equity Programs at Prodecoop in Nicaragua | Alexa Marin, Gender Commission Coordination

As women, we work in the field and we also work in our home. We hope that more than the quality of coffee, we also ensure the quality of life for our producers who form the cooperative. 

Funding Gender Equity Initiatives

Valuing Women's Work

In rural communities of developing countries, the female heads of households have responsibilities beyond the purview of agricultural labor. These responsibilities are activities traditionally considered to be “women’s work”: household chores, meal preparation, childcare. While necessary for the overall functioning of the farm, these duties are added onto the expectation that they participate in farming activities as well. This domestic labor is unpaid and disproportionately carried out by women, making it a significant barrier to their economic and social mobility.

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Celebrating International Women's Day with Tonita from San Juan Rio Coco, Nicaragua

For female producers like Tonita, coffee is not just a cash crop, it is a livelihood. This is why she strives to improve the functioning of her level of the industry, particularly in the form of women’s role in the coffee economy.

Nicaragua - Coffee Break With Sofia Vanegas - Prodecoop

Caterina Yac Shares Her Story From Guatemala

Coffee producer and Pachamama Coffee Cooperative member, Caterina Yac, talks about her love of working in the coffee industry.