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In Mexico, La Unión Regional de Huatusco is a first-level cooperative owned by 2,000 families in the Veracruz state of Mexico. Formed in 1982, La Unión Regional is dedicated to producing certified organic and supporting their members through organic extension, women’s health and microlending programs. Representing the 2000 farmers in Mexico is La Union Regional's President, Rene Ixtla Herrera.


Founded: 1982
Headquarters: Huatusco, Mexico
Region: Veracruz
Farmer Owners: 2,000 families
Women Owners: 30%
Harvest: December - February
Certifications: Organic, FLO Cert.

programas de La Uniòn Regional

Organic Adaptation to Pests

A key tenant to organic production is the use of no pesticides. This means when pests are present, the cooperative has to adapt in other ways. Agronomist, Alejandro Gutierrez Zúñiga, explained to us the long process of grafting trees used by La Union to combat a root eating pest throughout members' fields. Learn more from Alejando about his role for the cooperative and organic principles.

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REimagining "Waste"

The coffee you drink comes from a cherry-like fruit with the "bean" on the inside. In order to process the coffee into what use to brew, the fruit has to be removed. In many places it is discarded into water systems and pollutes the environment. At La Union, they have reimagined the lifecycle of the fruit waste. For over a decade now, they have included it in the organic fertilizer mixtures for the their fields.

Journey to the Origin

There are hundreds of people involved at each stage of the production from seed to cup. Simply at origin, there are people like Señora Panchita, Rene, Juan de Dios, Señora Selsa del Carmen, Jacobo, Araceli, Señor Lupe, Señor Hugo, Jose Inocencio, and many other producers who tend to the young plants as they grow and harvest the first beans. It was an honor to see that first hand. - Rosa Angelica Sarabia, Creative Director

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Joel Carlos Fernandez

Why I Grow Organic

“I don’t want myself or my family to get sick by harmful chemicals, It not only hurts ourselves, but the land that produces what we consume, the animals we share the space with, the water we drink.”

Beyond the Label

The place where our coffee comes from in México, is from Huatusco Veracruz. Huatusco, in Nahuatl, means "place of rabbits in the trees." "The rabbit was also the ancient Mesoamerican symbol of the moon and is depicted in the art of Pre-Hispanic Central Mexico, Classic Mayan, and ceramic Mimbres art of the American southwest."


Experience the Beauty of Huatusco

View the organic and shade grown coffee fields of the small scale coffee farmers