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Orange, Almond, Chocolate


In the volcanic highlands of Veracruz, México, the terroir is ideal for growing exceptional coffee. Medium Roast.

Single Origin: Huatusco, México
Member Co-op: La Unión Regional
Farmer Owners: 2,000
Process: Washed

Always Shade Grown + Certified Organic

USDA Organic Seal

Huatusco, Veracruz



La Unión regional

Founded: 1982
Headquarters: Huatusco, Mexico
Region: Veracruz
Farmer Owners: 2,000 families
Women Owners: 30%
Harvest: December - February
Certifications: Organic, FLO Cert.


In Nahuatl (naa-waa-tl), Huatusco means "place of rabbits on the trees." Rooted in the history of this region, the rabbit was a symbol of the moon and is depicted in the art of Pre-Hispanic Central Mexico, Classic Mayan, and ceramic Mimbres art of the American southwest.

Journey to the origin

"Walking into the coffee fields for the first time, I was enveloped by the emerald green of rows and rows of coffee plants taller than myself."

Experience the flora and fuana of Huatusco with Rosa Angelica Sarabia, Pachamama Coffee's Creative Director.