Our Holiday Picks

Coffee Pairings

To start your morning on the right foot, try these dark, bold roasts that pack a punch. A nice cup of this will keep the in-laws happy while you prep the kitchen for a day full of cooking, hanging out with friends or whatever traditions you carry.

After the morning and early afternoon chaos, take some time to unwind and warm up with a cup of  “I can’t believe this is decaf” decaf. Our decaf coffees are both Mountain Water Processed coffee that packs so much flavor without the punch of caffeine! Sipping on decaf will allow you to hit the post-dinner food coma nap that will surely happen. This brew pairs nicely with some pre-dinner appetizers like charcuterie boards or post-dinner dessert of chocolate pie.

After all the festivities are wrapping up, nothing squares off the night quite like a dessert coffee. The Kintu Blend, a harmonious blend from Africa, Central and South America makes for a complex, juicy and balanced cup. Our Ethiopia Yirgacheffe is a natural process coffee that highlights the beautiful flavors of blackberry and honey that aren't as common in your cup. This is a special treat for all who try it.