Earth Month

Celebrating Earth month

Sustainability at the Core

Pachamama was founded upon the idea that a better business model was possible. A business model where coffee farmers, our shared Mother Earth and coffee drinkers can all benefit. Our commitments are to building a better future for all: we have a long way to go but together as a collective we can show up for future generations.

Below you can explore a round up of our articles and other features discussing all things "impact": our impact on the planet, our impact for farmer owners and our impact to you as consumers.

Earth Month: Our Commitment to the Future Of Coffee

We were founded to create a more equitable and sustainable future for coffee, coffee farmers and our planet. Through ownership, small-scale coffee farmers are able to have a voice and a vote about the direction of their business to sustain themselves for generations to come.

Clean water. Biodiversity. Soil.


By preserving natural ecosystems and shade canopy forests, farmers are growing a better crop of coffee AND the techniques they use draw carbon, the biggest climate change contributor, back to the soil and out of the atmosphere. In recent decades this type of farming has come to be renowned as regenerative agriculture, but our farmers have been practicing this for generations through native cultivation and indigenous land practices.

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Gender Equity and Social Programs at Prodecoop

Social sustainability focuses on the impact that businesses can have on the greater health, equity and viability of communities. Prodceoop is a prime example of how cooperatives are made by and for the communities they serve.

Specialty Coffee Association

Sustainability Award

Our business model was recognized by the Specialty Coffee Association for its impact for small scale farmers. By investing in a solid foundation of economic stability at each link, Pachamama’s supply chain can sustain itself. Our business model delivers an equitable distribution of value for all who depend upon the future of specialty coffee.

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"Pachamama Is One of the Most Sustainable Coffee Roasters in the U.S"

- Civil Eats

It’s an honor to be named one of the Ten of the Most Sustainable Coffee Businesses in the United States by Civil Eats! Read the full article here.   Pachamama Coffee...

President Merling Preza

Choosing Pachamama Is Making A Difference

Consumers who choose Pachamama Coffee are doing their part to change the world, contributing to the sustainability of our world in general, to changing relationships, to the sustainability of our environment, to the lives of our families and their own life, because Pachamama is a clean product, an organic product. Choosing Pachamama makes a difference. 

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Rooted in Equity for Coffee Farmers