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Maple, Blackberry, Cacao

A deep, smooth blend of natural and washed-processed coffee that's perfect for cold brewing. Full Roast. 

Origins: Ethiopia Sidama, Guatemala, México 
Member Co-ops: Manos, La Unión Regional
Process: Washed + Natural

USDA Organic Seal


The design features the hilt, or the top part of a ceremonial knife called a Tumi. Tumis were among the most common and widely distributed metal tools produced in Inca times. In modern Peru, to hang a tumi on a wall means good luck and it has become a national symbol of Peru.

How to Brew Cold Brew

Our team expertly crafted Inca to be the perfect blend for cold brew to deliver a balanced, smooth and sweet cup all summer long. Follow along with our recipe that was crafted by our team of experts.