What you'll need:

Chemex & filter | Scale | Timer | Boiling Water | Coarse Ground Coffee

1. Prep your brew

2. Bring water to a boil

The ideal water temperature is between 195° and 205° Fahrenheit. If you don't have a thermometer, you can use water 20 seconds off the boil.

3. Pre-rinse your filter

Place a paper filter into the Chemex. Make sure the double side of your filter faces the pouring spout.

Pour your hot water over the paper filter to heat the Chemex and rinse the paper. This will remove the papery taste and warm your vessel.

Dump out your water.

4. Add coffee and level the bed

Add your ground coffee to your Chemex.

Level the bed, meaning that you want to make your coffee as flat as possible.

Tare your scale.

5. Bloom

Pour double the dry weight, so add 90 grams/ml of water directly over the grounds.

Start your timer.

Allow the grounds to "bloom" for 45 seconds.

6. First Pour

After the bloom, pour in concentric circles outward from the middle and back inward.

Pour 375 grams of water in a slow but steady stream, not too fast and not slow.

7. Second Pour

As the brew level decreases to about half way, begin your second pulse until the weight is 750 grams total.

8. Allow to draw down

Wait for your coffee to draw down. Total brew time should be between 4:30 and 5:30 minutes.

If you want to adjust your brew time, slightly adjust your grind. Finer will lead to a longer extraction and coarser will speed things up.

9. Dispose your used coffee

Once all water has transferred through the coffee grounds, grab the filter with two hands on each side and toss it in the compost.

10. Pour and enjoy!

Let the coffee rest. Coffee is best enjoyed when it is not too hot and you can enjoy the distinct flavors.