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In Peru, the Central Cooperativas Agrarias Cafetaleras, or COCLA, is a second-level cooperative, representing 21 local cooperatives. Formed in 1967, COCLA’s membership consists of more than 3,500 smallholder coffee families in the Cusco Department. COCLA’s Raul del Aguila was the founding-president of Pachamama in 2000 and is currently represented by Vladmir Vivanco on the Board of Directors.


Founded: 1967
Headquarters: Quillabamba, Peru
Region: Vilcabamba, Ocobamba, Huayopata, Santa Ana, Echarate, Santa Teresa
Farmer Owners: 3,500 families
Women Owners: 40%
Harvest: April-September
Certifications: Organic, FLO Cert.


Social Infrastructure

Cooperatives work to improve lives of members and their families. To improve access around the region, Cocla helps finance projects for the construction of schools, health centers, roads and bridges in areas that their members live and operate.

Raul Del Aguila Discusses Ownership

Pachamama's founding President Raul Del Aguila of COCLA, was a leader in the cooperative and fair trade movement for coffee farmers around the world. Pachamama was his dream and today we continue to live out his legacy.

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"The Cooperative Voice"

The Fifth Cooperative Priniciple is education, training and information. To promote such, Cocla works with Radio Quillabamba to produce and broadcast "El Vocero Coperativa" to provide the entire community valuable programs. They organize courses, workships and seminars to teach management, finances, and cooperative principles.

Honoring Pachamama

In the Andes of Peru, Pachamama is revered as the goddess, Mother Earth, to the Quechua and Amaryi people. They practice the concept of Anyi, or reciprocity, the process of giving back what we take. This relationship prioritizes working in harmany with nature and is reflected through the commitment to only growing organically. This preserves ancestral methods of production and keeps the ecosystem in balance.

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Beyond the Label

When we asked Vladimir, our board representative, what the animal should be on the cover, without hesitation, he said "llama." The llama is one of Peru's most iconic animals and historically played an important role for the Inca. The llama has also become one of Pachamama Coffee's icons as Peru was our first coffee ever sold.


The Aguilar family

Explore famer owner and COCLA member la familia Aguilar's organic coffee farm in Peru.