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Cherry, Cream, Chocolate


Deep in the Andes of Perú, the founding farmers of Pachamama grow exceptional organic coffee. Medium Roast. 

Single Origin: Santa Teresa, Cusco, Perú
Co-op Member: COCLA
Farmer Owners: 8,500
Process: Washed

Always Shade Grown + Certified Organic

USDA Organic Seal

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Founded: 1967
Headquarters: Quillabamba, Peru
Region: Vilcabamba, Ocobamba, Huayopata, Santa Ana, Echarate, Santa Teresa
Farmer Owners: 3,500 families
Women Owners: 40%
Harvest: April-September
Certifications: Organic, FLO Cert.


When we asked Vladimir, our board representative, what the animal should be on the cover, without hesitation, he said "llama." The llama was one of the Inca's most important domesticated animals which has become one of Peru's most iconic animals. The llama has also become a symbol for us at Pachamama Coffee since Peru was the first coffee to ever get sold at Pachamama and Peru was a founding cooperative where our co-founder Raul del Aguila was from.

Dia De La Pachamama

Honoring Mother Earth

"Reciprocity is not simply an ideal or an expectation, but a practice that is essential to survival in the Andes. Sustainable prosperity must include shared benefits and risks, for people, animals, and the Earth."