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Size 10 oz

Citrus, Almond, Chocolate

A floral and chocolatey coffee straight from small farmers in northern Nicaragua. Light Medium Roast.

Single Origin: Nueva Segovia, Nicaragua
Member Co-op: Prodecoop
Farmer Owners: 2,300
Process: Washed

USDA Organic Seal


Cantagallo translates to singing rooster in English. A story has been passed down by generations who live in the subregion where the Cantagallo Cooperative is located that sheds lights on its namesake: a rooster will sing at midnight and at midday during holy week on one of the hills, but whoever would try to look for him will not find him. 

Cantagallo Cooperative

Located in the northern mountains of Nicaragua, in the community of San Jeronimo, are the coffee producers of the Héroes y Mártires de Cantagallo Cooperative. Founded in 1983, the cooperative has been producing high quality coffee for 36 years and it is our privilege to deliver to you the product of 116 small scale farmers.