Five Sisters

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Balanced, Citrus, Caramel


An all-time Pachamama favorite and the perfect café de la casa, sure to please a crowd. Medium Roast.

Origins: Ethiopia Yirgacheffe + Latin America
Varietals: Bourbon, Typica, Caturra, Garnica

Always Shade Grown + Certified Organic

USDA Organic Seal

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Each woman represents each of the five countries of origin that own Pachamama Coffee and where all our coffee is from. We wanted to honor the traditions and cultures that continue to live and thrive in many of our producer's regions so each women is dressed in the traditional wear from their region. This symbolizes the "togetherness" in Pachamama Coffee Cooperative, of each sister cooperative working together for a better future. From left to right: Mexico, Ethiopia, Peru, Guatemala, Nicaragua.

The Role & Power of Coops

"It's not about paying more, it's about paying what its worth" Pachamama President Merling Preza sat down with Kim Elena from SCA to discuss why cooperatives are important and the power they hold for coffee families around the world.