Ethiopia Sidama Natural

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Blackberry, Honey, Cacao

A fruity, natural processed coffee from the Sidama region. Light Roast. Whole beans.

Single Origin: Sidama, Ethiopia
Process: Natural Sun Dried

Always Shade Grown + Certified Organic

USDA Organic Seal

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Founded: 1999
Headquarters: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Region: Yirgacheffe, Sidamo, Limu, Nekemte
Farmer Owners: 400,000+ members
Women Owners: 20%
Harvest: All year
Certifications: Organic, FLO Cert., RFA, Bird Friendly, UTZ


Reflecting the Ethiopian legend of the discovery of coffee with Kaldi and his goat herd, this label stands strong with the walia ibex. We chose this animal for the strength it projects, but more importantly to draw attention to the fact that it is in extreme danger of extinction. One of the many reasons we seek to preserve the natural habitat and biodiversity of the ecosysmtems where coffee —and for that matter — any crop is produced.

A Traditional Ceremony

For farmers in Oromia, coffee is more than crop, it's a tradition deeply rooted in Ethiopian culture. Brewing coffee is an invitation to friends, family, and neighbors to sit and share eachother's company.