Jochipapanete Earrings

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Hand Made and Unique Earrings directly from the Shipibo-Konibo community in Peru

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Behind the Design

“The Kené is a design based on thoughts and reflections of the cosmovision in relation to the natural world of the Indigenous group of Shipibo-Konibo within the Amazon Jungle. The embroideries that carry these Kené designs and the medicinal plant ayahuasca, beautify and heal at the same time. These pieces are unique, despite repeating some patterns, copies are never reproduced as they are personal visions."

About the Shipibo-Konibo Community

The people of the Shipibo-Konibo community have been in the Amazon for over 2000 years and throughout history, despite efforts of colonization, missionary interference and mining and other extractive industries, they continue to maintain their way of life. 

Rosenda, Deodomero and Serela founded the Jochipapanete community center to empower their family and provide income for their community to stay on the land they call home.

New Handmade Jewelry from Shipibo-Konibo community in Peru | Jochipapanete Jewelry

We are introducing our newest partnership: Jochipapanete Jewelry, directly from the Shipibo-Konibo community in Peru. You can see the quality craft and dedication in each pair of earrings. They are all handmade in the traditional techniques of the community with no two designs exactly the same.