Know Your Coffee: Pachamama Announces New Series of Classes in Sacramento

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This week marks the launch of Pachamama Coffee’s new schedule of recurring events and classes, which will be hosted at our Midtown Coffeebar. 2018 has been a year of marked growth for our cooperative, between the opening of a second cafe location in Sacramento and expansion of our wholesale operation. Part of the intention in developing a dynamic set of classes is to deepen the connection that our customers feel to the origin of the coffee they drink - both the place and the people. We know that coffee can seem complicated, even exclusive and esoteric at times. Of course, this seeming complication stems from the wide possibility for nuance and excellence within coffee. We seek to honor the best qualities of specialty coffee while making it accessible and engaging for the average drinker, so that they can fully appreciate the labor of love undertaken by the individuals who are our farmer-owners at origin. The best way to achieve this goal is through intentional and consistent education about every step of the coffee supply chain, from cultivation and sourcing, to quality control and tasting. We have developed 4 different classes and sessions that will take place weekly in our Education Lab, and align with our mission of bridging the gap between producer and consumer. Continue reading below or head to our Events page for a description and schedule of each event.


EVERY WEDNESDAY / 12pm / (Beginning Wednesday, 9/12) Education Lab at Roastery Coffeebar Ever wondered how your local barista knows so much about individual coffees? “Cupping” is an essential practice in the coffee industry: it is a thorough process by which the aroma, fragrance, and taste of coffees are analyzed to determine unique flavor notes and characteristics, and pick out any impurities of certain roasts. Our weekly cuppings are attended by staff and open to the public, and are a great way to gain a nuanced understanding of the science and art behind specialty coffee. We promise you will leave with a richer palate and an appreciation for the diversity of coffee. No RSVP required.


You Brew - Home Brewing Series

1ST & 3RD SUNDAY MORNING OF EACH MONTH (Beginning Sunday, 9/16) / $5 / 10am / Roastery Coffeebar You Brew courses are designed to empower anyone with interest in specialty coffee to brew the perfect cup in the comfort of their own home.  Along with a tour of our roasting facility, you will learn the proper methods for brewing a pour-over, French Press, and Chemex, and gain insight into which type of coffees pair best with which methods. Should you brew your Italian roast as a pour-over or as a French Press? How can you do justice to your Ethiopian light roast? What the heck is an Aeropress? Join us to find out! A $5 dollar buy in gets you a bag of the coffee of your choosing -OR- $5 towards a larger bean purchase.

COFFEE 101 - Tasting and Introduction to Coffee

2ND & 4TH SUNDAY MORNING OF EACH MONTH / $5 / 10am / Pachamama Roastery Full enjoyment of coffee engages all of your senses - every coffee has a unique appearance, smell, and taste. Our Coffee 101 courses are an introduction into the varied characteristics of coffee from different regions of the world, as well as the basics of preparing each type. Join us to learn about the diversity of sensations available from great coffee, to taste some of our choicest offerings, and for conversation about what it takes to produce exceptional coffee. A tour of our roasting facility is included! A $5 dollar buy in gets you a bag of the coffee of your choosing -OR- $5 towards a larger bean purchase.

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